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This particular piece is an expression of my wish for those who will use this space. Drawing inspiration from Alphonse Mucha's Art Nouveau contributions, I chose to use mixed media, pencil and digital, to depict a variety of characters amidst  Ottawa's well-loved landmarks: Rideau Canal, Le Chateau Laurier, Peace Tower, Parliament, and Senate building, for example, to illustrate that we are honouring the limitless creativity native to our city.

My goal is to visually express and amplify the sense of awe, wonder and joy I feel when I enter Bay View Yards; it shows in the gestures of each character.  The mysterious and alchemical process at the centre of creative work -- imagination crystallizing into reality --- is captured. This represents the burgeoning activity of all creatives. From artists to designers, from designers to engineers, to entrepreneurs, all who share this space are my inspiration. 

What surrounds the viewer is a visual collage of who we are, what we have, and ultimately where we can go. I chose to include abstracted versions of the Microsoft, Bayview yards and Microsoft for startups logos. Autonomous cars, rockets, engineering and life science models such as circuit boards, molecules, wildlife, birds and foliage show a robust, balanced vision of future innovation  that is environmentally responsible while also improving our quality of life.

Also, I wanted to show inclusive and diverse imagery depicting women and other underrepresented groups in society. It is my wish to make creative innovation feel accessible and transformational to all who can sense it as a force for change.

I'd like to acknowledge Microsoft for Startups for supporting growing companies and sponsoring this particular of piece.

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