Account of Adversity: Port-Au-Prince - Canvas Wrap and Hd Panel

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An abstraction of the Haitian flag intermixed with the broken buildings, rubble; and landmarks of Port-au-Prince, a port on the western coast of Hispaniola founded by the French in 1749. After the Haitian slave revolt, it became the capital of the new republic in 1806. The city was devastated in January 2010 by an earthquake that claimed more than 200,000 lives.

12 Cannon Balls represent January 12, the day the tragic events took place. The blue spokes on the right cannon's wheel marks 4:53 pm the time that the first earthquake shook the foundation of Port-au-Prince. Flags point upward rising still even amidst the broken Presidential Palace; cathedral and fractured skyline. In the top left corner broken geometric shapes and limbs form the Maron Inconnue who is still calling out to Haitian people to gather as one. A testament to a resilient nation filled with boundless hope daring to strive in the face of relentless adversity.

A free HD version of this painting is available for download.

Printed on high quality, artist-grade stock and folded around a lightweight frame to give them a gorgeous, gallery-ready appearance. With acid-free ink that will last without fading or chipping, Features a scratch-resistant UV coating. Wipes clean easily with a damp cloth or to remove dust, vacuum gently using a soft brush attachment.