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School of Social Work Mural

Special Thanks To:

Allison Everett, Sarah Todd, Karen Spencer, Karen Kelly, David D. Pistol, Alexandra André and the School of Social Work for your help in the achievement of this project during quarantine 2020


To create a bold piece introducing Carleton visitors, students, faculty and staff to the School of Social Work Department
To impart a sense of belonging, inclusion, & passion to all visitors
    For this project I created two proposals. The first conceptually proved to be too bold touching on controversial subjects which perhaps should have been just a "tad" more relevant to the heart of social work.
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    After some review I returned to the drawing board and came up with two more concepts:
    1. An expressive collage inspired by the work of graphic artist Mike McQuade
    2. A collage of faces made up of abstracted cityscapes and homes drawing inspiration from my previous series titled "Conscience Collective Constructs"

    See both below ▾



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