Allan André, a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist of Haitian descent rooted in Ottawa, is recognized for his artistic presence in diverse international exhibits, including New York, Orlando, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal. Notably, he clinched the Ottawa regional championship in Art Battle Canada's speed painting competition in 2014, 2016, and 2019, followed by consecutive victories at the Art Battle National Championship in 2016, 2019, and 2022, earning him the esteemed title of Canada’s best speed painter.

His installation pieces have graced Ottawa's "Nuit Blanche" twice, contributing to the city's nocturnal art scene. In 2015, amidst social unrest, André collaborated with artist Kalkidan Assefa to create a poignant tribute to Sandra Bland, responding to the defacement of a "Black Lives Matter" message on Ottawa’s Tech Wall. His versatility extends to television, where he triumphed on CBC’s art competition show, "Crash Gallery."

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Allan is a founding member of the Ottawa Black Artist Collective (OBAK), dedicated to amplifying Black voices in the local arts scene. He has curated two notable art shows, "See Me Now 2020" and "See Me Now 2021," showcasing his commitment to creating spaces for underrepresented narratives.

Allan is also the owner of "opncnvs," an initiative aimed at establishing public art studios. This initiative reflects his dedication to democratizing artistic spaces, providing a platform for creators to express themselves freely.

Throughout the summer, fall, and winter of 2017, Allan hosted a series of local art socials at Grounded Kitchen Coffee and Bar, featuring live art and music with Dj Unique 1. His involvement extends to mentorship, notably through Youth Ottawa’s Artistic Mentorship Program (AMP), where he imparts his wisdom and experiences to aspiring young artists.

André’s philosophy, encapsulated in his statement, "We live in a collective masterpiece," emphasizes the interconnectedness of life and art. He believes that each individual contributes to the canvas of the human experience, leaving an enduring signature by challenging their own spheres of influence. Allan's commitment extends beyond his art, resonating through the communities he engages with, creating ripples that transcend generations.